This video is very distressing to watch, but as you watch it I'm sure you will feel, as I did, that something must be done to help these people.

I’ve just received this live video from Khalil, in Nala, Northern Iraq. His farm is been bombed by fighter jets.

The voices of women and children, as their farms are once again subjected to indiscriminate bombing, are filled with unimaginable terror. These are the very same farms we previously visited and where Family & Life have provided seeds and farm equipment.

Nala is home to eight Christian villages. The villagers have been rebuilding their homes since the defeat of ISIS. They have rebuilt schools and factories in the hope of encouraging those displaced during the war to return home.

Turkish jets have bombed the land around these villages on the pretext that they are pursuing elements of the opposition Turkish Worker’s Party. But this is not true. 
What you see in this video is a calculated attempt to intimidate the Christian population from their ancestral lands and dissuade other Christians from returning home.

Khalil told me that no-one was killed in this attack, but there was significant damage to farm equipment and the irrigation network, which is vital to crop survival. He asked for our help, and I said I would do everything possible! 
That’s why I’m asking you, today, to make a special gift in solidarity with the Christian farmers in Northern Iraq.

Won’t you help rebuild their farms! Please give what you can. Thank you.

Yours sincerely